After reading this book, I was totally taken back for the fact that these epics were penned down not only for its events/stories but also to impart some great morals. This book gave me a different perception since Shubha Vilas has carefully taken the examples from Ramayana and Mahabharata and crafted it perfectly with his wisdom making it a real pleasant read.

Thank you Shubha Vilas for the book. No words to say. Simply amazing. Whenever I hold this book I forget all the stress and feel very much connected to my Lord

Ancient text brought to 21st century in a lucid and expert way.

Amazing book, a must read for anyone who loves Mythology and is a devotee of Hanuman. There are stories mentioned in this book that I had never heard of before

The Special book about Hanuman and his past times. The book enriches us with full of compassion, humility, and it teaches about the way of living.

Excellent book with Leadership skills, must read for all.

This book just refreshes all the memories of my being a devotee of Hanumanji since childhood. It is a must read. The Real Super Hero of INDIA- HANUMAN.

The Chronicles of Hanuman", a wonderful collection of tales, could be a perfect gift for any age person. Author has magnificently bundled wit-wisdom & adventure filled stories of Hanuman with deep messages.

By reading this book will become more closer to Hanuman and increase the Bhakthi towards lord Rama.

Wonderful book on Hanuman ji and a must read for all.

superb book,ever i seen attract us to read

Wonderful work by the Author

This book presents Hanuman's life story is lovely little tales that stoke one's interest for more. Right from Hanuman's birth and childhood to his post-Ramayan 'existence' are all presented here in a manner that will make reading such a pleasurable experience.

Superb book I recommend it to everyone! I just can't put it down.. the writer is talented and extremely inspirational presenting exhaulted personalities in the deserved light is not easy .

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