Beautiful work. This is the way people should adopt Ramayana in their lives. Very practical and goes with every age.

This Indian mythology about the story of Lord Rama that brings back to mind the essentials that we need to connect back to the true essence of our heart, where our soul resides in its somewhat slumbering aspect of divinity

Purity, chastity, simplicity, and beauty, are the words the best describes the book. The author keenly observes, and brings in light, the hidden wisdom. The book upholds the positiveness of the epic in a fluid manner.

I am glad that somebody has taken the pain to read through Valmiki Ramayanam and presented a commendable translation. I bet that this book will be a treasure!

As mentioned earlier, each page has some “key” learning from it & that in our opinion is the highlight of the book.

The striking feature of the book which appealed me most is that by ” Bala Kanda “ most of the versions of Ramayana refers to the childhood of Lord Rama and his brothers. Vilas has thrown a different light on it. He has made Rishi ( sage) Vishwamitra the hero of this book.

Best thing of book is 'Life Lessons' or 'Sutras' on almost every page, which help in relating the story with our own lives. It is intact with the original epic,

The author enlightens us with elaborate descriptions to shift our focus from the situation in hand to reveal an underlying way of better living. It helps us to identify ourselves and adorn a clearer perspective towards life.

Author made sure to keep the commentary simple yet creating a spellbinding strings of episodes that takes a reader to the era where the story actually took place (Treta yug).

The core of this book focuses of Lord Rama birth and why Lord Vishnu had to incarnate as human. His childhood and adolescent years which he spent under Vishwamitra and their journey to various lands, rivers etc

The best part of the book is that it is self explanatory, author has also explained the meaning between the lines and how ancient teaching techniques are also useful in the present era.

But most of all the highlight of this book is the story of Vishwamitra from the time of he being a King from a royal lineage to being conferred the title of Brahmarishi by Sage Vasishta.

The author has adopted a simple but effective writing style. He handles the complexity of various situations with the ease of a skilled narrator.

The author introduce a few aspects that may not be commonly known among people who've heard the Ramayana stories. (Most of us would be surprised to know that the Ramayana was written and completed during Rama's time, or that his sons sand the story to him.)

It has adventure & romance, struggle & immortal values, poetry & intellectual analogies and so much more.

On each page, very patiently the author explains the why and hows of the events which are unfolding in front of us. That is in a sense the beauty of Ramayana. The hidden meanings, the deep nuances, the lessons to be learned

The book begins at the beginning where Valmiki muni asks his guru Narada muni to reveal what makes a true hero. What defines a true hero? Is he powerful yet vulnerable? Is he one without any flaws or blemish> is he Godly? These are a few questions that plague.

The book chronicles the life of Maryadapurushotham Ram, from his birth up to his marriage, in a way that is entertaining to the heart and enlightening to the intellect.

I wasn't aware of many of the stories mentioned in it, for instance, Dashrath's 353 mariages, vastness and magnificence of Ayodhya, Vishwamitra's history, origin of Lanka and holy rivers, incarnation of Rama and Sita and other demigods.

It is good that author touches upon other characters in detail along with main characters.Viswamithra is the hero of this story as Balya kanda emphasizes mainly on how he transformed from a jealous king to Brahmarshi and other lessons he learnt in his journey.

The book is written very simply yet the narration is very exciting and perfectShubha Vilas has beautifully penned down the mythological story of Ramayana and lucidly described the various characters.

The cover is traditional, yet says a lot about the contents. Sun Prices are crafted very beautifully and I am sure it would be able to attract any reader interested in methodology. I actually liked the demons at the top after i knew why they were there.

This book extensively covers minute teaching and moral background of every emotion or action or event following every emotion/action/event. And a good part is that the moral and self provoking thoughts are shared as part of foot notes.

With his simple and lucid writing style, Shubha ensures that the Ramayana is easy to understand for any reader across age groups. He doesn’t bring in any sort of fiction and so what comes out is almost the original form of the book.

Book 1 is out for the modern readers to read Ramayana in a context where they don't lose the originality of the story but in addition keep knowing the in depth meaning of each and every action & activity that happened in Ramayana.

He always makes sure that Religion is not just shown as mythological or magical stories but the ocean of learning for mankind.

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