There are books that uplift you and hold you through storms ,   this book is one of those. This book gives you so much more clarity about life and your current situations

A must read for any reader or a non-reader who wishes to read Ramayana in a lighter version but a true life teller!!!!

inspire you, motivate you and you feel and realize how to face the difficulties and how struggle in life is important to make a mark in life. The monologues, and the sanskrit verses made the book even more beautiful and more prominent.

The optimism is what I have received all throughout reading this book. This positivity is surely going to help me a lot. This book makes the readers understand the lessons of the holy book through its practical implementations in day to day life.

very thought provoking ideas which make us to think more about our life. Once you start reading the scripture you will realize you didn’t know anything yet and you feel then we are really blessed once that we have started reading as life gave us a chance to read and understand and off course to apply it in our life too

his book has a lot of lessons to offer as you as you dive in the spiritual journey of Ramayana. It is a must read for everyone for better understanding of the character of Rama, and why he chose Sugriva over Bali. It is one of the most motivational and inspirational book, I have read.

It really is an authentic narration of the epic with life lessons, as it says. he narration offers vivid description of the whole incident and the language is fluid and at the same time stresses on the important words for enhancement

'Stand Strong' projects a new perspective on life and offers insights on overcoming various challenges thrown at us. It also emphasises how lessons of Ramayana can be implemented in real life.  The footnotes given at the end of the page are pearls of wisdom.

This book is a motivattion I was been looking for reading and this is making me a better person everyday. I would say one more thing that- "Pain is painful when the results are not in your favour, after succeeding, it becomes worth it."

The narration is euphoric and holds the captivating power to keep the reader engrossed until the end. the teachings of Lord Rama are worth noticing. Brilliant work was done by the author. I would love to read the rest three books too.

Story pumps the nervous of mythological lovers and is very knowledgeable with a very strong background from Valmiki ji Ramayana. Narration is smooth. Recommended to all. 

The book describes about the whole new situations from the past history till date and may be the future comings that is the fact. Life is never easy, accepting the flaws and moving on makes it worthy.

We are well versed with Ramayana but this book outstands the original one This book indeed is unputdownable. And must say it's the need of the our to get back to basics and learn from them but most importantly as it says ....stay strong.

The insights give at the end of every page of book are so inspirational.  Every reader should try this series. Would like to recommend this book to all book lovers.

"Gripping". Stand Strong by Shubha Vilas, definitely touches the heart of the reader and gives strong messages, that nothing on the Earth happens purposelessly, every incident and every birth has a meaning hidden. Just a flawless work….amazing

This is not just retelling the epic, but the author has made it an inspiring motivational book with the intellectual narration. This book also provides life lessons through every incident. Every character are portrayed with utmost care and their background is also deeply explained 

This book, as the name suggests, has really proved to be an Inspirational read. This book, in other words, can be compared to a mirror, the mirror of life.  This book can be seen as a source of motivation that'll inculcate and nourish spiritual values within a person. The book will literally entice its readers to delve into its depths and explore the hidden treasure.

The book relates precious life lessons with tragic story of brothers Bali and Sugriva. It's a thoughtfully written book which provides it's readers with essence of life and way to acquire essential wisdom through the mind-boggling and confusing journey of life!.  A wonderfully written book for all seekers in life. With a flawless narration, easy going language and modern way of retelling the epic, this book is bound to touch your heart. 

The books when read gives a positive vibe to me as a reader and it made me think a lot. There are not many books which create an impact on the reader. I am glad that I read this book.

This superb book 'Ramayana: Stand Strong' by Shubha Vilas is something you just can't miss out. Written in a beautiful way, inspiring at its best, easy language and much more.

This book of subha vilas prabhu teaches ,entertains and most importantly tells us the value of right attitude

I would like to recommend to everyone irrespective of the fact that they are readers or not because this book is not just to derive the pleasure of reading. Rather, it is there to make you familiar with the higher form of spirituality and uplift your wisdom!

I have seen Ramayana is various forms, heard stories from elders but never have felt the beauty of the epic, which is being magnificently done by the author. This books has imbibed in me the crave to read all the other books by the author... Beautiful book with life changing lessons .

I feel that everything is alright and in control as long as I read this book. It gives meaning to my life and give me an intrinsic changeless core inside my heart to rely upon, in this ever changing and forever shifting external world.


This books takes readers on a adventurous ride of thrill and suspense.It would be hard to put this book back on table

The book is a perfect fable which can inspire and touch many lives.

a motivational and positive book that is encouraging as well as enlightening.  The book offers an easy way to look at life with a new perspective. It helps the seekers or people interested in reading spiritual or self help books get a clearer picture about life and get a meaningful direction.

would admit one thing which I had learnt after reading the book “I must not fear. The author has beautifully penned down history with the deep inner meanings wrapped within them

Shubha Vilas house written the book in a very beautiful language, portrayed to us the life lessons that many of us are constantly seeking for. The style of writing, and the way the author has put forward the entire idea about this game called life, is really very beautiful. The epic in a epic way! 

 I thoroughly enjoyed the book and would highly recommend it to anyone who is new to Ramayana or to someone who has read a hundred different versions if it. You will find something new here. Simpy superb!

this book has everything that will keep the interest of the Y generation alive. this book not just to know more about the epic, Ramayana. But to take the correct message from the book and implement it in your lives.

Easy on brain and soothing to heart. It seems to be written exactly the way Ramayana’s original creator would have written it in Sanskrit. Because, that is the way the epics, with a religious significance, should be written and be told.

Going back to the roots, is always a pleasant experience. And this book takes you just there. To the land where Rama walked, Hanuman jumped and great battles fought. And for that, you need to Stay Strong, which this book teaches us how.

These books of the Ramayana series are exactly pointing out and helping readers to realize the signification of this epic with vast depth and more relevantly with own life to make lives better.

The book is full of multiple stories and stories within stories. The book helps you understand the deeper meanings in the Ramayan.

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