The course is divided into 8 modules with each module offering a unique growth model.

Intent and Content

The intent of the teacher is the most powerful aspect of teaching. Until a teacher gets the mood right and understands the impact of the mood right, teaching will not have the desired impact. The way the content needs to be designed has to be in alignment with that intent but more importantly in alignment with the needs of the student. How does the teacher develop the right intent and the right content to enable teaching to maximize impact on the student is the key.

Delivery and Experience

Experience is everything. A teacher may have the best intent and the best content, but the way she delivers it and the experience the child has in the teaching process determines whether the child looks forward to the next session or dreads it. This session will give you all the secrets to help maximize the experience for the child to ensure that the teacher becomes a high impact person in the child’s development and growth.


Words impact in more ways that we can imagine, especially on impressionable young minds. Communication helps improve relationships, empowers student learning, facilitates better understanding and positive interactions.

Getting Organised in Teaching

Time is always less. Organizing things helps you invest more time in giving personal attention to aspects that are often neglected. Teachers looking to develop their skill set and advance their careers may want to explore ways in which organization can help them meet their short- and long-term goals. 

Meeting Expectations

Always an uphill task! However, changes in teacher expectations can produce changes in student achievement. Get answers to vital questions – impact of teachers expectation on academic success; what are expectations from parents and students; how to marry all expectations

Value Education Curriculum

how many times have you wondered about the values lacking in the younger generations. As teachers, we are in a position to do something about it.

Invisible Leadership and Teachers as Agents of Change

Discover the power you hold as a teacher to become an agent of change. Understand the concept of invisible leadership and you will never think twice about taking up any other profession in your life other than teaching. Come and empower yourself to tools and mindsets that will strengthen your resolve to teach and create high impact students and life-long memorable experiences.

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About Dr. Shubha Vilas

Dr. Shubha Vilas holds a degree in Electronic Engineering and Patent Law. After a brief stint in the corporate world, he chose to leave mainstream society to live a life of contemplation. Putting his energy into deep studies and interpretation of Vedic Scriptures, he went on to become a monk and a spiritual seeker. Today, he transforms lives as a leader, a coach, a speaker, an author …by sharing his wisdom insights in a way that is easily replicable for success oriented modern living.

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