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Eagerness to gain knowledge is the prerequisite to becoming knowledgeable



Dr. Shubha Vilas’ high spiritual energy combined with an affable personality is what makes him such a sought-after individual wherever he goes. Accessible and friendly, Shubha Vilas has a unique ability to win hearts with his speaking, story-telling, books, coaching enticing the audience with lessons from Scriptures that are apt and acceptable. His lessons hit the mark accurately as the audience resonate with the stories and consequently the message, serving his aim of helping transform their lives.

Early years

Born in 1981 in a simple Tamil household in the Southern part of the Indian peninsula


He holds a degree in Electronic Engineering. His multifaceted interests further led him to pursue the specialized field of Patent Law. He has A Ph.D. in Leadership from Valmiki Ramayana.


After a short experience in Corporate world, he soon realized he felt dissatisfied and disconnected from the rat race for material achievements. He left a promising future and joined an ashram as a monk.

Monk – The Preparation

Armed with an engineering and intellectual law qualifications, Shubha Vilas decided to channelize his unsatiable need to transform the world by diving deep into ancient Indian Scriptures for knowledge and realizations. He extensively studied the stories, the philosophies and the teachings of books like the Bhagavad Gita, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata through his 11 years as a monk. In 2017, he stepped out again into the action-packed world from his safe haven, on a mission to spread distilled Vedic wisdom to every common person on the street, in the boardroom, in college or in any situation in life!

Scholar – Diving Deep to Explore; to Share

Shubha Vilas’s inherent inclination and love for diving deep into the ocean of Vedas and Puranas to dig out pearls of life lessons for all walks of life and varieties of life situations keeps him forever hungry to keep learning. He deeply enjoys studying Vedic Stories all the time assimilating their lessons and then sharing them generously through his books. This unique scholarly feature is visible in his Ph.D. thesis on Leadership in Valmiki Ramayana which is a pathbreaking work in the field of both Leadership and ancient Scriptures. His books, his lectures, his teachings, all encapsulate the essence of wisdom from Vedic Scriptures and Epics.

Coach – On a Mission

After 11 years of monkhood, he once again set out on a mission to fulfill the objective of his life; to spread joy and knowledge of living a life based on the purity of scriptures, making scriptures not just understandable but also practical, and inspiring everyone to live a purpose-driven meaningful life. Shubha Vilas considers the whole world his home, determined to spread the wisdom of his learnings and light the lamp of knowledge in every direction. He works with Individuals, Corporates, Institutes, and Governments around the world through exclusive workshops, seminars, training modules, and learning retreats.

Story Teller – Quiver full of Stories

Shubha Vilas’s knowledge and realizations are complemented beautifully by his unlimited repository and natural free flowing style of weaving wisdom into stories. Not only are his stories from scriptures collected through years of studying them deeply and capturing the essence therein, they are also from all genres, geographies and timelines. He masterfully, like a wizard, draws out appropriate arrows from his quiver full of stories, delivers them with drama and touches hearts by leaving deeper impressions on the memory and minds of his varied audiences through them.

Dr Shubha Vilas, an Educationalist at heart, is passionate about instilling the right values and culture for wholesome living. And this needs to begin right from school, as early as possible. At present, schools are struggling to balance academics with value education. This is where Shubha Vilas stepped in to design a model curriculum that encapsulates step-by-step learning of values from prominent scriptures from Grades 1 to 10.

The Leader – Words that Count

Dr. Shubha Vilas has given more than 6000 lectures in Educational Institutes and Corporate Companies across the globe.
Absorbed in making a tangible transformation in society through genuine efforts to guide, Dr. Shubha Vilas actively engages with the Corporate sector and the Youth across many educational institutes who are hooked on to his seminars and workshops where he shares applications from scriptural wisdom for success in facing day-to-day challenges. He travels across the globe delivering talks on a variety of subjects like Paths to Growth, Leadership, Relationships, Team building, Stress Management, Coping with Change, Conscious Living to name a few.
He speaks on a wide range of topics on self-help and personal/professional development including Leadership, Overcoming Failures, Stress Management and others. His effortless speaking attracts the hearts and minds of an audience across the world, cutting across all barriers and that’s what makes him a popular invitee in countries such as Australia, UK, USA, South Africa, Mauritius, Hong Kong and the Far East including giants like Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Amazon.
He is a guest speaker at prestigious universities – Stanford, Princeton and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston, to name a few…apart from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in India. He is also a visiting faculty at several premiere business management schools including the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Mumbai. He is on the advisory board of MIT Pune’s online education system.

Author – Authentic, Deep and Entertaining

With the aim to make scriptures accessible and attractive in their full authenticity, to the new generation of audiences while distilling wisdom therein in a palatable manner, Dr. Shubha Vilas took on the monumental task of writing The Ramayana. An ambitious initiative of a 6-volume series titled Ramayana – The Game of Life, which went on to become a National Best seller. It was followed up by 6 other books based on stories form the Vedic times that dish out deep insights on contemporary subjects like how human relationships work or how they fail; how leaders can maximize their potential as leaders; and how the ancient epic holds immediate relevance to modern life, through spell binding stories, told in a unique, relatable way.

Shubha Vilas also writes series for children based again on Vedic stories.

Books – Ramayana – The Game of Life series, Open – Eyed Meditations, The Chronicles of Hanuman, Perfect Love – 5.5 ways to lasting relationships, Mystical Tales for a magical life, The Hanuman Chalisa,  Ganesha, Shiva, The Magic of Friendship and more

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