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Having lived the life of a monk, he applies the consciousness of a monk in everything he does. His books distil essential values and learnings from Vedic literatures that serve to elevate and enhance contemporary lifestyle, providing deep insights on new-age subjects relevant for the modern man.

In 2013, he took on a monumental task of writing a series of books on Ramayana; a series that brought the epic out of the closet and revealed the depth of learning hidden inside Ramayana. He embarked on an ambitious project of a 6-volume series titled Ramayana – The Game of Life. It involved extensive research from original literatures like Valmiki Ramayana, Kamba Ramayana and Ramcharitamanas.

Today, Ramayana – The Game of Life (6 Books Series) is a best-seller and popular worldwide amongst children and adults.

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About Dr. Shubha Vilas

Dr. Shubha Vilas holds a degree in Electronic Engineering and Patent Law. After a brief stint in the corporate world, he chose to leave mainstream society to live a life of contemplation. Putting his energy into deep studies and interpretation of Vedic Scriptures, he went on to become a monk and a spiritual seeker. Today, he transforms lives as a leader, a coach, a speaker, an author …by sharing his wisdom insights in a way that is easily replicable for success oriented modern living.

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